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  • As part of our Command series, this 100% VISA® System 3™ polyester women’s shirt has a plain weave. This is a fully polyester women’s shirt that offers a seven-button placket front and has five permanent sewn-in creases, two in the front and three in the back. This shirt offers a convertible sport collar and comes with permanent collar stays for a touch of extra professionalism. It has a full badge sling and comes with a hidden pen or pencil compartment in the left breast pocket. The two pockets offer plenty of space for needed tools and devices in the field. Offers a convertible sport collar with permanent collar stays.


  • Created using 100% VISA® System 3™ polyester with a plain weave
  • Includes a set of shoulder straps with symmetrical stitching for a neat appearance
  • Offers a total of five military-style creases, pleated pockets, and scalloped flaps for extra visual appeal
  • Features a convertible collar style with a sporty feel and permanent collar stays to look put together at all times
  • Comes with a full badge sling and a special hidden pencil compartment


SKU: F1 126R78
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