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  • The 100% polyester AeroShell External Armor Cover provides a professional, uniformed look without compromising the warranty or integrity of the armor system. This vest cover comes with an adjustable side panel with a zipper and Velcro® closures for security and comfort. Containing hidden pockets for documents and a vertical back opening for an armor panel insertion. The vest cover offers a strap system to hold the armor securely when moving or shifting. It has a set of front placket buttons and a wire comms pass-through at the shoulder straps and under the pocket flaps. Sizing options are unisex.



  •  Features large hidden MAP pockets to hold documents
  •  Includes a strap system for holding armor panels securely
  •  Offers a wire comms pass-through under the pocket flaps and shoulder straps
  •  Made with 100% polyester and a wide neck for easy use
  •  Includes an adjustable side panel with zipper and Velcro® closures


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