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  • Our Justice men’s shirt comes in several colors and features a 75/25 blend of polyester and wool to offer the benefits of both materials. A common choice of law enforcement agencies who appreciate the durability of polyester, this shirt also incorporates the best features of wool. In cold weather, the police shirt offers some protection from the elements while it lets out the heat in hotter climates, acting as natural climate control. It includes additional features such as Supercrease® military-style creases on front and back, a metal eyelet badge holder, and scalloped flaps and pleated pockets with corresponding buttons. The shirt is machine-washable and capable of handling the stress of long shifts.


  • Incorporates a hidden pencil compartment in the breast pocket, symmetrical shoulder straps, and a polished metal eyelet badge holder
  • Made using fiber-dyed fabric with a hand finish and a polyester wool blend
  • Features a Freedom Collar that offers extra stretch for a better level of comfort when wearing a tie
  • Offers communication- and camera-ready wire pass through the side seams, pocket flaps, and epaulets
  • Includes Supercrease® military-style creases with two in the front and three in the back


SKU: 07W84
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