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  • This Justice shirt is created with a mixture of polyester and wool to offer a professional aesthetic and high performance for public safety professionals on the job. The wool lets heat escape more easily in warm climates while offering protection like thermal in colder areas. It has a tropical 9-9 ½ oz weight and weave and comes with a metal eyelet badge holder. The shirts have a number of special details including a hidden compartment for a pencil in the left breast pocket and permanent collar stays on the conventional collar and band. Also included are five Supercrease® military creases with three on the back and two on the front.


  • machine-washable and offers a patented Freedom Collar design to add extra stretch and comfort when worn with a tie
  • Includes a hidden breast pencil compartment and a metal eyelet badge holder
  • Comes with a conventional band and collar with permanent collar stays, seven-button placket front, and twill lining on-collar and yoke
  • Long sleeve uniform shirt available with or without a concealed zipper front
  • Features five silicone military creases, three in back and two in front


SKU: 05W84
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